What to Pack for your Istanbul Trip


What to Pack for your Istanbul Trip

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We have compiled a list of what to pack for your Istanbul trip. If you should have any specific questions about your Istanbul trip, make sure to refer to our blog or contact us directly at Lavanta Hotel – your budget hotel in the heart of Istanbul, Taksim. 

What to Pack for your Istanbul Trip
What to Pack for your Istanbul Trip

Hat or sun visor – Istanbul can get extremely hot, especially during the summer season (June-August) so it is advisable to bring some form of head protection. 

Cell phone and charger – of course nobody would forget to bring a cell phone charger in this day and age, but make sure you also have the right adapter to go with it. Turkey has European outlets, that means – if you are not using a European charger, make sure to bring a converter! 

Mobile Data plan – take care of your data plan before your arrival. Most areas offer free wi-fi, and you will probably have access to wi-fi at your hotel (Lavanta Hotel offers free wi-fi) But you may need to roam when navigating your way around the city, so make sure you are covered.

Sunscreen – we can not stress this enough, please bring the right sunscreen, you will need it especially during the hotter months. The good news is,  it rarely rains in Istanbul, so you do not need to bring an umbrella – the minute it rains you will have plenty of vendors selling you umbrellas for roughly 5$ it’s really not worth carrying one overseas.  

Carrying bag – you will be moving a lot and you will need to have things handy – e.g. metro cards, money, cameras (or phones) make sure you have a comfortable bag which is big enough and comfortable to carry so you have everything handy. We would recommend deeper bags the you can carry close to your body like a shoulder bag, where you can also pop in some souvenirs along the way. Some people prefer fanny packs, but these are usually very small and don’t leave much room for storage, and take a lot of time to navigate.  

Clothing – we suggest you also bring some modest clothing, even for the hotter months, because you may be visiting more conservative neighborhoods, and it’s a form of respect to the locals. We suggest you bring a scarf (for women) because you will most likely visit mosques your head and shoulders mist be covered when entering these. Most mosques provide scarves that you can borrow upon entering, but just to be on the safe side, we suggest bringing your own. Also Istanbul’s location near the sea means it can also get quite windy, so a scarf should be on your list of things to pack for Istanbul.  

Layers– Istanbul weather can fluctuate within a day, so you might want to pack some shirts, hoodies and lighter wear that you can layer to adapt to the changing temperatures during your travel day. 

Comfortable shoes – You will be walking around a lot, especially when roaming the old city and Taksim (where Lavanta Hotel – The best budget hotel in Taksim is located) so we suggest a very comfortable pair of sneakers, loafers or sandals – whatever works for you. 

Reusable bag – Turkey has introduced an extra fee for plastic bags in order to reduce plastic consumption, and protect the environment.  You might want to bring your own reusable bag for all of the shopping you will do (and help the environment at the same time 🙂 )

Extra space – last but not least, leave some room in your suitcase! You will surely be bringing home a lot of souvenirs. Istanbul is great for shopping – whether it is Turkish delight, or an oriental lamp, or maybe a small rug – keep some space available so you can take some memories back home!

And now that you are all packed and might still be looking for a place to stay in the centre of Istanbul, Taksim, we recommend Lavanta Hotel – Your Budget Hotel in Taksim

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