Sustainable Travel Tips


When travelling, have you ever thought about what you can do to travel more responsibly?

Traveling responsibly will provide you with a richer holiday experience, and allow you to actively contribute to the places you visit, and the people who live there. So the next time you visit Lavanta Hotel – Best Budget Hotel in Taksim – or any other destination on your bucket list, think about how you can travel more sustainably. 

What exactly do we mean by sustainable and responsible traveling? What can I do?

For example, ordering the local dish which is readily available, rather than a dish you usually eat at home. Not only will you have the opportunity to try something new and tasty… this dish will also have a lower carbon footprint, because local food will have travelled less distances to reach your plate. The best example is fish; it may have been caught by someone local, who benefits from you buying it.

Traveling responsibly simply means becoming a conscious traveller. It’s not supposed to be a chore, but includes simple, sensible actions:

  • Buying locally made craft 
  • Purchasing products from an array of locally run shops and restaurants
  • Turning off lights and air conditioning when leaving your room
  • Using water carefully and not leaving taps running
  • Re-using your towels when possible
  • Disposing of your waste appropriately and not leaving it for someone to pick up on the street
  • Packing light and for a purpose. Be smart about what you really need. Packaging like the plastic wrapping of a new toothbrush just uses up unnecessary space in your bag and can create excess waste for the destination to deal with 
  • Explore your transport options – wherever possible, try to minimize your pollution and impact on the environment by looking to alternative transportation (like walking :)) Luckily Lavanta Hotel is located very centrally so you can practically walk nearly everywhere!) 

Always remember, you have a definite influence on the places you visit.  Wishing everyone happy and responsible travels! 

If you have further questions about Istanbul, or are looking for a place to stay, let us know!

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